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Koh Lan

Koh Lan - the largest and most popular island of the closest to Pattaya. Getting to Koh Lan yourself there is no difficulty. From the main pier, there goes a lot of speed boats and ferries (for a very modest fee). The island is located just 20-25 minutes by speedboat from the coast. Rest on the beach belopeschanom, various marine entertainment.

 Crocodile Farm

The world's largest crocodile farm, founded in 1950. On the farm is a zoo, but most of the territory is covered enclosures with different types of crocodiles from crawling and swimming - large and small, to the different shape and the price of bags, wallets, belts. During the tour - a chance to see shows with crocodiles, to be photographed sitting on a live crocodile. For a small fee every opportunity to feed you liked the predator. Duration-4:00

After the sun goes down in a remote area of the center - the original hour show idea for adults to supplement the picture of the atmosphere reigning in Pattaya freedom of choice and carefree fun. NB.: Transfer in one direction only. Photograph and shoot at the camera is prohibited.


   Mini Siam

Park, Exposition of the world's most famous monuments and Thai architecture in miniature. Visitors on this tour a unique opportunity for once to see the famous monuments of the world in miniature. For half an hour you will visit France, Italy, America, Britain, Egypt and even find the walls of St. Basil's Cathedral.

 Orchid village 

At 20 km from Pattaya - a natural park, donated to his people a noble person. Greenhouses of orchids, cacti, mini-zoo. National songs and dances, traditions and customs of various peoples in the country. 30-minute show of trained elephants. Beautiful gardens and parks songs.


 Bangkok (City tour)

One of the most memorable trips in Thailand is considered the tour of Bangkok. This tour is designed specifically for you to understand the essence of Bangkok. You will appreciate the contrast of old and new city, visit the many temples, including Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), the world-famous Golden Buddha (Wat Trai Mit), which is striking in its grandeur for nearly 700 years, as well as an elegant Marble Temple (Wat Bencamabophit) built with white Italian marble.

Introduction to Bangkok will continue to visit the Grand Royal Palace. This magnificent and unique set is a cultural monument of national importance, is still used for royal ceremonies. The complex itself consists of the royal residence, Buddhist temples, the tomb of the kings of Thailand and a library.

Especially famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses one of the most valuable relics of the country - a statue of Buddha made of solid emerald.

 Reserve Khao Kaew  

A trip to the "Thai hinterland" - a favorite vacation spot of Thai east coast of the country. Reserve Khao Kaew is located 40 km from Pattaya, aside from the usual tourist trails. You are offered an excellent opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat. In the vast open Khao Keo Zoo you will be able to watch the funny monkeys, hippos feed clumsy or listen to singing of many birds that live there. So you can take a picture with a handsome peacock, or see the pride of the zoo - a rare white tiger, which is almost impossible to find in nature. After a 2-hour visit to the reserve, located in the mountains, moving to the coast and climb to the mountain of wild monkeys. On the way visit to Pattaya akvanariuma. Do not miss the opportunity to meet with village landscapes, flora and fauna of the tropical latitudes

 Shaw - transvestite cabaret "Alcazar" 

If you are a guest in Thailand, you can not miss the chance to see world-famous, the most vivid and enchanting show Alcazar. You will be entertained with music, boldness, dance, and various displays of incredibly beautiful and elegant woman. It is hard to imagine that these gorgeous actress - originally real men! For 20 years the Alcazar delights spectators with unforgettable views. The dynamic and colorful theatrical show with parodies of contemporary pop artists. Unique scenery, beautiful costumes the performers. And the ultra light and design.

 Elephant village  

40-minute ride in a cradle on the back of an elephant, 10 min walk through the jungle, riding on a raft across a small pond, a return to a village in Thai national Arba, drawn by mules. At the end of the trip is waiting for you lunch or dinner.

 Traditional Thai massage (every day from 11.00 to 23.00 

Traditional Thai massage - 2-uhchasovoy acupressure, favorably influencing health status .. This, in essence, a way of healing the body, referring to the methods of Oriental medicine. In contrast to the usual forms of massage, Thai massage, to a lesser extent refers to the mechanical stress on the muscle man, but more to the power lines and areas on the human body. Intended effect on the acupressure points can cure many ailments and relieve a person from physical suffering. In many cases, Thai massage has a much better recovery of the body than traditional forms of massage

 Ancient City (Ancient City)

Not far from Bangkok, in a place called Samutprakarn is an amazing city, which occupies 320 acres of land on which there are copies of various temples, churches, monuments and sculptures arhetektury built by craftsmen at various times throughout Thailand. Ancient City (Ancient City) - The open air museum, known as Muang Boran, which presents in miniature all the great monuments and temple complexes in Thailand and other countries, including The Eiffel Tower, Cologne Cathedral, St. Basil's Cathedral. At the present time is the ancient city of the world's largest open-air museum, where Thailand's past updated in its full splendor. This place is unique and unforgettable poitine.

 Floating Market and Rose Garden

At 32 kilometers from Bangkok, is the famous tropical country park with entertainment center, great restaurants, golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts. One hundred kilometers from Bangkok, there are two amazing sights of Thailand - a floating market and Rose Garden Damneonsaduak, arresting its splendor. To the road there did not seem too boring to you, you will make a stop at the furniture factory and the royal visit a coconut plantation. In the quaint Thai boats will deliver you to the floating market, where you can buy various souvenirs, well in the Rose Garden but delightful flowers and plants you will find a folklore show and elephant show. Near the stylized Thai village where tourists can witness the traditional marriage ceremony, watch Thai boxing, folk dances and Buddhist initiation.

 Koh Samet

Excursion for the day, will leave a lasting impression on your trip to Thailand. Fabulous vacation on the beach, white sand and palm trees - all you have seen in commercials and movies, but try to finally do! Koh Samet is just an hour drive from Pattaya. In the north of the island you can visit the fish farm, where in addition to many types of fish are found even sharks and turtles, when you stop at the island's longest beach - Hat Sai Keough, is one of the main attractions of Koh Samet, thanks to its sand, which is considered the white in Thailand. This is a great opportunity to relax and enjoy full sun and sea.

Tiger Zoo  

Have you ever seen a pig feeding tiger cubs? Do not believe me? Then just visit on this tour. Circus show with tigers few people are sure to impress.

 Snake Farm and the show with cobras  

Visit snake farm - very interesting and informative tour with breathtaking spectacular view. This is on TV, it is not every day you see!

 Tour Phraya River Chhao and Canal Tours  

One of the easiest ways to explore the sights of Bangkok - a trip on a river cruise boat along the famous river Chhao Phraya (Chaophaya), which spreads on the banks of the capital of Thailand. Journey's better to start from the Royal Palace. During the voyage you will see the most important and beautiful places of this city. Passing a lot of temples located on the banks of the river, you will be taken to the old part of town where you can see the daily life of Thai people and visit a small floating market, where you will spend about half an hour and you can buy excellent souvenirs made by local residents.

 Phuket. Excursion to Phang Nga Bay  

We offer you a real adventure, where you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery. You will go to the northern part of Phuket to Phang Nga Bay pier from which the cruise on Khao Ping Gan, otherwise known as James Bond Island and Khao Tapoo - location filming of "The Man with the Golden Gun." After that, you can visit the Village Panyee (Muslim fishing village, founded on piles). Here you will find a breakfast of seafood and shopping. Also you can visit the island and the Grotto Majoo and be able to worship the Buddha, sitting on the Wat Suwankuha.

 Visit Naga Noi island and pearl farm  

We offer you a fascinating journey with a visit to the beautiful island of Naga Noi, which is grown on a special farm real pearl of high quality. Here you can see all stages of the cultivation of pearls: a foreign body is placed in the sink, where over time it is "dressed" in mother of pearl and turns into an amazing beauty of pearls pea, as extracted from the shell is finished gem. After visiting the farm you will find a lunch and a walk to the shops.

 Visit the Temple, "The Sanctuary of Truth" in Pattaya  

Visit the Temple, "The Sanctuary of Truth" in Pattaya - a memorable tour, which is considered one of the best in Thailand. Temple Sanctuary of Truth is located on a secluded peninsula, outstanding in the ocean. Temple Sanctuary of Truth - the lovely church, built of precious woods such as teak, golden teak and mahogany. For the past 30 years working on this grand master of construction, and they say, it may take more than a decade before the temple would be completed. You are invited to visit the "Sanctuary of Truth" as well as swim with dolphins nearby.

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